Sunday, February 9, 2014

On the Beat with Jori Parys and Cassie Simmons of the Chicago Bliss

The NFL season is over, but Chicago Bliss football is just starting to get rolling.  I am firmly on the bandwagon and "on the beat" with the Bliss.
The Bliss have had a few practices already this year.  Coach Hac and his staff are working hard and making these women work hard.  I think Jack Keenan and I are the only ones at practice who have it easy.  It's fun for us!
At last Monday's practice, I interviewed rookie prospects Jori Parys and Cassie Simmons.  These young ladies survived tryouts and the first few practices.  Trying to earn a spot on the champion Bliss is not an easy task, but these young athletes are up for that challenge.
Even though they are defending LFL champs, the Bliss are still looking to improve.  There are several rookies who are pushing the veterans for a spot on the roster.  It is fun to watch veterans helping the rooks and seeing the rooks trying to learn from the vets.  Everyone involved here has one be 2014 LFL champs.
Below are the and intro interviews with Jori and Cassie.

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