Friday, April 3, 2015

On the Beat with Erica Puig of the Chicago Bliss

Our coverage of the LFL champion Chicago Bliss continues with another in our series of "Meet the Rookies."  Today, we feature Erica Puig.
Puig will wear #9, while working in the trenches on the offensive and defensive line.  She will be joined on the Bliss by her sister, Jessica (who we will feature here soon).
We talked to Erica about her path to the Bliss (which proves that social media does work).  She also talked about her athletic background, playing with her sister, playing on the lines and other fun topics.
Erica proved her toughness and made the team at the tryouts.  She has been working hard on her football skills in order to be ready to face the challenges of the lines   I am sure with her enthusiasm and the coaching staff working her hard, she will be ready when called upon for either line.
I encourage everyone to come out to the Bliss home opener on Saturday, April 25.  You will see the fine set of rookies, combined with the star-studded veterans, as the Bliss head for the 3peat.
We will be covering the team all season.  You can also get updates and ticket info at and the Chicago Bliss Facebook page.

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