Friday, July 24, 2015

Reconnecting With Jori Parys

Jori Parys recently started a blog at Jori Parys: Aspiring sideline reporter/sports broadcaster.  "Aspiring" is only temporary.  Jori is going places.
I first met Jori during her time with the Chicago Bliss, where she was a rookie on the 2014 Legends Football League champions.  Aside from her athletic endeavors, I learned she was a singer, too.  One example of her performing is at Jori Illinois State Fair.
Recently, Jori has mentioned on social media that she wants a career in broadcasting.  I think Jori will be great.  The blog is an excellent first step.  She also has already put up an interview at Jori Parys: Matt LaCosse Interview.  LaCosse played college football at the University of Illinois and signed with the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent.
I was impressed with how relaxed and fluid Jori was in the interview.  She obviously did her homework on LaCosse.  She asked the standard (necessary) questions, but also added some other interesting ones.
In such an interview, it is often hard to balance the questions.  You don't want to go over redundant old material, but you do want to cover the basics.  Jori did an excellent job in accomplishing everything and keeping the interview moving along.  I have seen a lot more experienced interviewers not do nearly as well.
Jori's future is bright.  She has the talent, intelligence, personality and more needed.  I am excited for her and for sports journalism.  This is going to be fascinating watching her career develop.
One last bit of great news is that Jori will be working with Johngy's Beat in the future.  We are ecstatic about having the multi-talented Jori on board with us.
You can check out her blog at Jori Parys.  It is now a regular stop of mine online!
Jori Parys and me in Darien, IL-June 2014.

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