Friday, July 25, 2014

On the Beat with Jori Parys of the Chicago Bliss-07/12/2014

Chicago Bliss rookie Jori Parys is a versatile talent and I am not just talking about football.  Jori has a budding musical career, having performed many times, including singing the National Anthem at a Bliss game.
The youngest member of the Bliss, Jori has shown her maturity in her patience as she learned the Bliss system.  Listed as a lineman, she has appeared in one game, rushing for five yards on her only carry.
When she is not donning the pads for the Bliss, she can be found honing her musical skills.  You can hear some of her songs (and download them) on  I have listened to all of her songs and right now, I think "Favorite Hello" would be my favorite, although I seem to flip-flop.  They are all excellent and I have them in my iPod.
Getting to know Jori and to learn about her music has been a real pleasure.  Big things are ahead for this young talent.  Jump on the Jori bandwagon now and enjoy the full experience.

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