Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On the Beat with Kim Perez of the Chicago Bliss

We continue our coverage of the 2015 Chicago Bliss by taking a break from our "Meet the Rookies" series to focus on Kim Perez, a veteran of the two LFL titles won by the team.  The veteran wears #10 and plays safety and quarterback.
Playing quarterback on a team with the two-time LFL MVP, "Rockstar" Heather Furr entrenched in that position, cannot be easy.  During her time with the Bliss, Perez has certainly earned her time on the highlight reel.
In this video, we discuss her path to the Bliss, her athletic background and more.  Is it mere coincidence that the Bliss have won the LFL title ever season since she joined?  Also, don't let her calm demeanor fool you.  She is ready to hit some people on the field.
One of my fun memories was hanging around for a bit with Kim on the field prior to last season's championship game.  I am hoping I get the opportunity to hang with the team again at the 2015 Legends Cup.  I certainly will be hanging around the team all season as they go for the 3peat.
You can follow their progress here, as I present more interviews and game thoughts.  You can also go to LFLUS.com or the Chicago Bliss Facebook page to get more info and updates.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Friendly Encounters: Eric St. Vaughn and Jess Price

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Eric St. Vaughn is one of the longest-tenured wrestlers at Resistance Pro.  ESV is currently half of the tag champs Body Magic (with partner Brady Pierce).
ESV is one of the hardest working people I have ever seen.  Whether he is wrestling, training, promoting or anything else, he gives it his all.  Sometimes, he might even give too much for his own good, but those who are lucky to be part of his life, appreciate him as a friend.
At a promotional event for the Chicago Bliss last year, ESV met Jess Price, one of the talented and lovely rookies on the team.  Like ESV, Price worked very hard to earn her spot on the team and on the field.  These two are very much like eash other in that respect.
This is one of those times when worlds collided.  I am happy to be connected with both ESV and Price and their respective organizations (RPro and the Bliss).  They are good people and good organizations.
I highly encourage everyone to check out ResistancePro.com and LFLUS.com to learn more about their organizations and to get news on their events.
Eric St. Vaughn and Jess Price in Downers Grove, IL-May 2014.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

On the Beat with Chabria Survillion of the Chicago Bliss

Continuing our coverage of the 2015 Chicago Bliss, we roll on with our "Meet the Rookies" series featuring Chabria Survillion.  The two time defending champion Bliss are loaded with talent, but "Little Bit" was able to crack the roster.
In our introductory interview with Chabria, we learned the origin of her "little bit" nickname.  We also discussed her athletic background, path to the Bliss and more.  She might be "little bit," but she is loaded with talent.
Chabria is one of the rookies who will be trying to earn more playing time to make a name for herself on this great team.  We will be following her progress, along with the rest of the team, as they make the run at the 3peat.
We will talk to Chabria again during the season and we will be following her progress and reporting all back here.  We hope you follow along.  You can also check out LFLUS.com or the Chicago Bliss Facebook page.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

On the Beat with Courtney Eikenberry of the Chicago Bliss

Our coverage of the Chicago Bliss continues  with the "Meet the Rookies" series featuring Courtney Eikenberry.  The 2015 defending LFL champion Chicago Bliss feature several rookies and we are spotlighting them in this series.
Prior to a recent practice, we sat down with Courtney Eikenberry, a wide receiver-safety who will wear #11.  Courtney shared her athletic background with us, along with her desire to get back into competitive sports.  We had some fun with Courtney, including her favorite sports teams.
Courtney's speed and competitive nature will serve her well as she tries to earn playing time on the 2 time champion Bliss.  It won't be easy, but we look for Courtney to contribute to the team in her rookie season.
We will be following Courtney and the rest of the team all season as they make their run at the 3peat.  For more info on the team, including ticket info, check out LFLUS.com or the Chicago Bliss Facebook page.

Friday, March 27, 2015

On the Beat with Akilah Anderson of the Chicago Bliss

Our Chicago Bliss coverage continues today with the "Meet the Rookies" series featuring Akilah Anderson.  AA is one of the several rookies who has made the roster for the 2015 LFL defending champion Chicago Bliss.
We got our introductory interview with AA prior to a practice and prior to her getting her uniform and number.  We have since learned that the wide receiver-defensive back will wear #7 for her rookie season.
AA has a solid athletic background, including many years of track.  This should translate well on the field as she runs routes and also as she covers receivers.  Speed is always a good thing.
She talked to us about her path to the Bliss, her tryout and much more.  As the season progresses, we will be checking back with Akilah often.
Akilah and the other rookies should make some noise this season.  Speaking of noise, we hope the fans come out to the home opener on April 25 and make a lot of noise in support of their Chicago Bliss.  For more info on the team, including ticket info, check out LFLUS.com or the Chicago Bliss Facebook page.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Celebrity Jersey Cards #214 Melina Perez & Beth Phoenix

Athletes get trading cards.  Why not celebrities?  At least celebrities wearing athletic jerseys should get cards.  I am doing my best to create cards for jersey-clad celebs.  Today, in honor of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, I am featuring the lovely and talented wrestlers of the WWE wearing college basketball jerseys.

California native Melina Perez is featured in a Gonzaga uniform for her NCAA Special Edition Celebrity Jersey Card.  Melina won both versions of the WWE Women's championship, but had a relatively short in-ring career.  She might be best-known for her ring entrance featuring the splits.  Gonzaga is always one of the teams I watch in the tourney and Melina is cetainly inspiring me to continue watching the Bulldogs.
"The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix is a retired former multi-time champ.  Beth should have been a dominant force in wrestling, if she was booked properly.  Unfortunately, those in charge prefer fluff to substance (even though Beth is quite lovely).  Beth represents Syracuse for her NCAA Special Edition Celebrity Jersey Card, which is appropriate, because she is a native New Yorker.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On the Beat with Caitlin Jo Burke of the Chicago Bliss

Today we resume our coverage of the Chicago Bliss with the start of the series of "Meet the Rookies."  Over the next week or so, we will be featuring the newest members of the Bliss, as they prepare for their first season with the two time defending LFL champs.
Our first introductory interview is with Caitlin Jo Burke, also known as CJB.  A wide receiver-defensive back, she will wear #17.  She talked about her athletic background, her path to the Bliss and more.
CJB studied Journalism/Advertising at Southern Illinois University.  She might be gunning for me on both fronts.  Is there a CJB's Beat in her future?
I don't know the answer to that question, but I do know there is some hard-hitting 7-on-7 women's football in her future.  That future starts on April 11 in Atlanta, when the Bliss face the Atlanta Steam (their 2014 LFL Legends Cup opponent).  For more info on that game and the rest of their 2015 schedule, check out LFLUS.com and the Chicago Bliss Facebook page.
We hope you enjoy meeting Caitlin through this intro interview.  Look forward to meeting the rest of the Bliss rookies here in the near future.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Culture Shock with Tom Savini

Tom Savini has an impressive resume as an actor, director, stuntman, special effects creator and much more.  His name is probably not as familiar as his face.  Most people know him as soon as they see him, although everyone seems to know him from something else.  That's what happens when you are in so many movies.
Savini is a staple at comic cons, especially horror-themed ones.  He is popular for many reasons.  When you are involved with popular movies (or tv shows), those fans flock to you.
His appearances on such franchises as The Simpsons, Dawn of the Dead and Creepshow (to name just a few) guarantee him a steady fanbase at the conventions.
I applaud Savini for indulging his fans, too.  He has a great assortment of 8x10's.  This is hugely important to these fans.  If you are a collector of The Simpsons, you want an 8x10 of Savini from The Simpsons.  Any other shot won't do or will be disappointing at least.
I also applaud Savini for always being cool at these shows.  He does a lot of them and that could become tiring.  Instead, he seems to embrace the shows and the fans.
I have seen Savini at many shows, but thanks to the fine folks at Days of the Dead, I spent a little extra time with him at their Culture show.  Thank you Tom Savini and thank you to the wonderful staff at DotD.
Tom Savini and me in Indianapolis, IN-March 2015.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Friendly Encounters: Pete Richmire and LeToya Luckett

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebrities.

What is it with Pete Richmire and beautiful women?  When I came across Pete, it was because of the lovely ladies of the LFL.  Today's Friendly Encounter shows Pete with LeToya Luckett, singer, actress and most definitely eye-catching.
Years ago, when I was attempting to reach the Media Manager with the LFL, I eventually hooked up with Pete, who was running an LFL website.  I became the writer for the Chicago Bliss.  I will always be thankful to Pete for that opportunity.
Unfortunately, Pete is no longer associated with the LFL.  He has his reasons and is very vocal about them.  Actually, I am no longer associated with the league website, but I cover the Bliss for Johngy's Beat and other sites.
Prior to all of this, Pete met LeToya.  The singer-songwriter-actress was an original member of Destiny's Child, before going onto solo success.
It really is unfortunate that Pete and I no longer work together.  I could certainly use tips from him.  Anyone who is surrounded by so many beautiful women must be doing something right.  I could use his help (or his overflow).
Pete Richmire and LeToya Luckett in the PacNW-March 2011.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Culture Shock with Joe Stauffer and Kristi Ray

Our continuing coverage of Days of the Dead Culture shock brings us to Joe Stauffer and Kristi Ray, a twofer who were promoting Pieces of Talent.  Kristi stars in it and Joe directed it.  Joe also is a producer and also handled the music, film editing and cinematography.
Pieces of Talent is the story of Charlotte, a waitress and aspiring actress. who meets David, a filmmaker.  Their story unfolds into a classic horror movie.
At Culture Shock, they showed the movie trailer and it looked pretty intense.  It had a classic horror/thriller feel to it.  Reviews call it "mesmerizing," "highly visualized" and "creepy."  I have to agree with all of these descriptions.  I would also add that it seems intense.  I also like that it does not seem to overly use technology to scare the audience, rather relying on good cuts and great visuals.
I hope I meet this pair again.  I'd love to interview them about this movie.  After doing the research, I am really intrigued by it.  Hopefully, I will bring updates on Pieces of Talent here..
Check out PiecesofTalent.com, for more info, including the trailer.  You should also check out JoeStauffer.com and KristiRay.net to learn more about these talented people and to get their updates.
Joe Stauffer, me and Kristi Ray in Indianapolis, IN-February 2015.