Monday, October 6, 2008

CHiPS anyone?

I met Erik Estrada a handful of times, although all many years after his show, CHiPS, went off the air. The last time I saved him from a very enthusiastic and dedicated fan. The fan was asking Estrada extremely specific questions about certain episodes of CHiPS. Most stars do enjoy some discussion of their career. However, when that discussion turns to minutiae and there appears to be no end in sight, the celeb is left in an awkward position. That's when I 'saved' Estrada. Usually the real inquisitive types do not like to share; so they move on to the next celeb.
Erik Estrada and me at the HCS in Rosemont, IL-March 2008.


Anonymous said...

ok, first off i believe you did save him by the big bear hug he's got over you.
are you sure he didn't "like" you....?????

Johngy said...

Double E was very friendly with all of his fans. He seemed very happy to be there.