Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey Buddy

I met Buddy Hackett at the Hollywood Collectors Show. The HCS was held in Lincolnwood's Purple Hotel for one year, which was conveniently about 4 blocks from my home.
Hackett was very polite and gracious. However, I found it very odd that he wore purple knit gloves. I have heard of celebs fearing germs, but they usually either avoid handshakes or wear leather (or pleather) gloves. I repeat...Hackett wore purple knit gloves. My journalistic skills were not very sharp then (heck, they aren't very sharp now), so I did not inquire as to the reason for the gloves. Now a decade or so later, it still intrigues me!
Buddy Hackett (and his purple knit gloves) and me at the HCS in Lincolnwood, IL-mid 1990's.


Anonymous said...

If only you had a chance to pursue this. Alas, Buddy's dead....

Johngy said...

I know Buddy is gone and you know this will bug me forever.