Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bear Down Sunday #11

The Chicago Bears are 5-5 and face the struggling St. Louis Rams in a critical game. The Bears desperately need this win.
In the 3rd round of the 1978 NFL draft, the Los Angeles Rams selected Leon White, a powerful center from Colorado. White didn't make it in the NFL and eventually went on to a successful career in pro-wrestling as Vader. In fairness to White, the Rams were pretty good back then and had a solid offensive line, lead by All-Pro center Rich Saul. On the other hand, White was one of only 2 players from that round who never made it in the NFL. The other 26 played an average of 5 years.
The Bears picked DE Brad Shearer just a few slots ahead of White. While Shearer was a disappointment, he was a slightly better pick than White. Shearer played 3 seasons for the Bears, appearing in 34 games. Let's hope today's game mirrors that draft and the struggling Bears come out slightly better than the struggling Rams.
I briefly met White in Las Vegas a few years ago. White was either pressed for time or just not in the mood. Either way, I wasn't in any position to press the matter with the behemoth who clocks in around 6'3" and 350+ pounds.
Leon White in Las Vegas, NV-early 00's.

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