Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pat Sajak Salutes Literacy

Pat Sajak has had a 28 year run as host of tv's Wheel of Fortune. Several years ago, Sajak had a 4 week run as the spokesperson for the NIE program at Lerner Newspapers.
Sajak was born in Chicago and spends his time watching contestants uncover words and phrases. This made him a perfect candidate to appear in one of our ads.
The NIE ad series had been running for a few months, but I was still concentrating on local celebs, when LD (a sharp and enthusiastic editor) encouraged me to go beyond the very local area. Since Sajak was a Chicago native and was a national figure, he was the perfect choice.
Sajak quickly signed on and our graphics department (with some additional encouragement from LD) made a stunning ad for him. Lorenzo Spirito's "Wheel of Fortune with the Zodiac Sign of the Moon" as the backdrop was an inspired choice.
Sajak's appearance in the NIE ad series drew a lot of notice. It was a beautiful ad that just popped from the pages of the newspaper.
Sajak's appearance helped in recruiting other notable celebs for the cause.

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