Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Close For Comfort

It's a bit funny to me that many of the celebs I meet have a connection to Star Trek or Star Wars. I don't particularly either of those movie franchises. Of course, as I have established, I usually like the odder, less known roles of the celebs.
Deborah Van Valkenburgh had a role on Star Trek:Deep Space Nine, which usually leads to a line of trekkies waiting to meet her. However, I remember her from her somewhat sillier role on tv's Too Close For Comfort. I guess if nothing else, I am a change of pace for these celebs, since I usually talk of the lesser roles. Of course, some celebs aren't so excited to discuss certain roles. DVV was very happy to chat about her non-Star Trek roles.
She was also a guest panelist on the 1983 version of The Match Game, a great game show from yesteryear. If any show ever needed a dvd featuring behind the scenes stuff, The Match Game is it!
Deborah Van Valkenburgh and me at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis, IN-November 2006.

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