Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bear Down Sunday #14 (was Thursday)

The Chicago Bears are 8-6 on the year, after beating the New Orleans Saints on Thursday. It wasn't a great game, but the Bears won and it was exciting.
Terry Schmidt was an underrated cornerback for almost a decade for the Bears. Schmidt played 2 seasons with New Orleans before joining the Bears. He retired at the end of the 1984 season, missing the Super Bowl year.
Schmidt was part of one of the hardest hitting secondaries I have ever seen. The Bears secondary of Schmidt, Doug Plank (for whom the famous 46 Defense was named), Gary Fencik (who should be in the Hall of Fame) and Allan Ellis (who made 1 Pro Bowl) was feared by opponents and praised by critics.
I had the pleasure of meeting Schmidt a few years ago. He was quiet and soft-spoken. Sharply dressed, he could have passed for an accountant. However, when we started to talk football, you could certainly see some of that old ferocity start to surface.
Terry Schmidt and me at AU Sports, in Skokie, IL-mid 00's.

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