Thursday, December 4, 2008

Monkeeing Around with Micky Dolenz

The Monkees do not get the credit they deserve. Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Davy Jones and Michael Nesmith won auditions to appear as a band on a tv sitcom. That sitcom essentially featured the first televised music videos. Forty years later, The Monkees is still televised in reruns.
The foursome who played a band, became a band and a very successful one. They had four #1 albums during their time. Their many reunions over the years have been very successful and well-received by critics and fans alike.
Dolenz was the drummer, although he did not play the drums when he was hired. Tork taught him a bit in the beginning and another teacher worked with Dolenz later. Dolenz also sang lead on many of the hits.
A piece of Dolenz trivia is that he was the last actor tested before Henry Winkler won the role of Fonzie for tv's Happy Days. Also, as a child, Dolenz starred on the children's tv series Circus Boy.
I met Dolenz at the Motor City Comic Con. Dolenz was very nice and easy-going, but surprisingly quiet and unassuming. I guess I didn't really expect Dolenz to be monkeeing around like the old days, but I somehow thought he would be more outgoing.
Micky Dolenz and me in Novi, MI-May 2008.


deal said...

I actually did a term paper for a journalism college about 20 yrs ago. There is a lot of interesting stuff about the band none of which I recall anymore. Peter Tork lives in sort of in my area (PA) and was still touring locally a few years back, not so sure anymore. Davy Jonesy might also be a PA resdident.

Steve Gierman said...

I saw them at a 1997 reunion show, sans Nesmith, and they still rocked out. I wish Mike would have been up on stage too, but the remaining three were still awesome.

Anonymous said...

who was your favorite?

Johngy said...

Thanks for stopping by.
The Monkees always fascinated me. Four random guys put together for a show. They became a very good band. Life imitates art? The pre-fab Four?
Random Monkees facts:
Michael Nesmith's mom invented Liquid Paper.
Nesmith quietly had songs he wrote put on the B sides of singles. This resulted in him getting more royalties for record sales.
Peter Tork (my favorite) still tours with his band Shoe Suede Blues.
Micky Dolenz comes from an acting family and his daughter Ami also did some acting (see my next post).
Currently, Davy Jones intends on not doing any more reunions. There seems to be some animosity, although he is not discussing it publicly.
Boyce and Hart (also known as the Candy Store Prophets) wrote many of the songs and actually performed the songs for the pilot episode. CSP often backed the Monkees in concert.

Steve Gierman said...

The firing or leaving (depending on who's story you believe) of Peter Tork left a lot of bitterness.