Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Rush?

On Monday, it was announced that the Arena Football League (AFL) will go on hiatus for the 2009 season. The return is planned for the 2010 season, although many question if that will happen.
The AFL started in 1987, although the current AFL is dramatically different. The Bruisers were the first AFL Chicago franchise. The Bruisers lasted a few seasons. After a few Chicago-less AFL seasons, the Rush became Chicago's team in 2001.
The Rush is lead by Mike Hohensee, a former quarterback who threw the first touchdown pass in AFL history. Hohensee also appeared for the Chicago Bears during the 1987 strike season. Under Hohensee, the Rush have been very successful, The Rush organization has built a great environment and large fan base.
The Rush apparently were ready to play in 2009, but tv contracts prevented the league from televising an abbreviated version of the league. Hopefully, the AFL, the Rush and Coach Hohensee will return in 2010.
Mike Hohensee and me in Arlington Heights, IL-mid 00's.

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