Monday, January 19, 2009

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

I have known Jason Fleigel (aka JayHawk Evans) for about 14 years. Fleigel came to Lerner Newspapers as a raw bundle of energy (hence the moniker 'The Angry One') and talent (hence the moniker 'Young Master Jason'...hence the acronym 'YMJ').
YMJ made a name for himself with his technological acumen, which was especially in demand at the technologically challenged company (he
nce the moniker 'NegaTek'). YMJ came to Lerner as a part-time telemarketer, but quickly developed into a vital asset to the Circulation Department. YMJ even took the lead position in a few circulation audits.
Fleigel is also a fan of wrestling. Actually, he is quite a student of the game, a virtual historian. His overall knowledge and recall is quite impressive.
Recently, he met one of his current favorites in the wrestling business, Dixie Carter, President of TNA. Carter had been successful in the business world for several years before joining TNA in 2002. Since then, Carter has played a major role in the success of TNA, although without being a major tv character.
Fleigel got the chance to chat with Carter while TNA was in Chicago for a Pay-Per-View event. Fleigel kept his composure and reigned in his excitement, but I am quite sure this photo is hung in a prominent place at Das Fleigelhausen.
Dixie Carter and Jason Fleigel in Chicago, IL-October 2008.

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