Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Losers:Keith Urbon

Long before their was country music great Keith Urban, there was Keith Urbon, a Mount Carmel high school friend and one of my teammates on the Losers. While Urban has won 2 Grammy Awards, Urbon would probably have won the Losers MVP Award, if we had one. Urbon is a native of Hegewisch (IL) and sat in front of me through most of high school (alphabetical order ruled back then). Urbon was a huge fan of the White Sox and picked his Losers #10 in honor of then-manager Tony LaRussa.
Urbon's versatility (or the Losers lack of formal strategy) paid off as he played every position on the basketball court. Although he started slow, over the last 3 games of our season, he averaged 7.66 points, on the way to leading our team in total points with 27.
I am not sure why Urbon is clapping in the photo below. My guess would be that the buzzer sounded ending our final game and our dismal 1-6 season. It's an odd photo all around though. One of our opponents (in green) seems to be looking up, perhaps at a rebound. I am semi-running into the play from far left court.
Keith Urbon, me and an opponent (green) in Mt. Carmel gym in Chicago, IL-Spring 1983.


Anonymous said...

Hey at least you guys won one game.

Unknown said...

Yes, it was very nice of the other team not to show up, so we could win a game.

Johngy said...

Greg spoiled an upcoming post, but yes, we only won because of forfeit. We argued over who got credit for the 2 points in the official scorebook.
Greg...your time is coming here.