Friday, January 9, 2009

Sam I Am

One of my friends asked me if I have ever had encounters with people before they became stars. I am sure I have, but I'll have to think about that.
In keeping with that concept though, I am highlighting my niece Samantha Parker. Samantha (and her family) have returned from a 5 year stay in Houston (TX). She is a student and volleyball player at Lincoln Way Central. Matt (her brother) and I give her a fair amount of smack, but she is always up for the challenge. She is also the inventor of the knuckle-punch alternative known as "Park it".
She has recently done a video with her friends for a government class project. You can see Go Green on YouTube. Like any good video released, there are cool extras at the end. They are my favorite part!
This could be a Johngy's Beat first. I knew Sam before, during and after her rise to stardom!
Samantha Parker and me in Mokena, IL-December 2008.

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Anonymous said...

awe thanks uncle!!! :D
and yes Big Green is becoming very popular hahaha