Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Copeland and Reso...Edge and Christian

Adam Copeland and Jay Reso have been friends for a long time. They made their professional wrestling debut in the early 90's and won some independent tag titles before signing with the WWF (now WWE) in 1998.
Once in the WWF, the duo became known as Edge and Christian. Originally part of a gothic stable known as the Brood, the duo eventually ventured on their own and started to rise to the top of the tag team ranks. Edge and Christian went on to win the WWF Tag Team Championship 7 times.
Like most tag teams, they eventually split and feuded for a while.

Edge went on to major success in the WWE, winning the tag titles 5 more times (with different partners) and the WWE Championship 4 times and the World Heavyweight Championship 4 times. He is currently one of the major stars on the WWE Smackdown roster.
Christian left the WWE for TNA, where he became a singles champion, winning the Heavyweight Championship twice. Christian recently returned to the WWE and made his redebut on the ECW show.
I met the duo at the Pillman Memorial Event in 2001. This was just before the team split. In retrospect, they seemed so young, but had done so much as a team.
Edge and Christian have succeeded where many have failed. They have switched from a great tag team to excellent singles wrestlers on the rise to greatness.
When I met them, they were extremely funny and outgoing. They were having fun with their fans (or their peeps, as they liked to say).

Edge and Christian and me in Cincinnati, OH-August 2001.


Matt Maldre said...

yeah, Edge and Christian certainly have made some great careers after their tag-team. I especially like Edge's character.

Johngy said...

One other interesting thing to note:
I am slightly taller than 5'11". Edge is listed at 6'5" and Christian at 6'1". Obviously both are stretched a bit.