Sunday, March 8, 2009

George E. Johnson Ties Tom Burleson

About a month ago, I wrote about Tom Burleson returning some signed basketball cards after a 7+ year wait. That is the record for my longest wait for autographs through the mail. That record has just been tied. I just received cards back from basketball player George E. Johnson after a similar wait.
I am calling it a tie, but technically I am not sure. I know both waits were in the 7-7.5 year range. Therefore, since no accurate records were kept (and since I don't really care all that much), I am calling it a tie.

George E. Johnson is not to be confused with George T. Johnson (the best of the NBA George Johnson's) or George L. Johnson. This George Johnson played for 4 years in the ABA and NBA in the early 70's.
Again, I am left wondering what exactly happened over the 7 years that the cards were MIA. I also wonder if anyone else just got their cards back from him.
Some day I will get an answer to these questions. When I do, rest assured, I'll report it here!

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