Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Johngy in Print

Believe it or not, I have written several pieces which have been published by legitimate, credible publications. I have written serious pieces and I have written not-so-serious opinion pieces.
My most "prolific" period was 2002-2004.
I was the Director of Circulation at Lerner Newspapers in Chicago (IL). Lerner occasionally ran guest columns. Most of my columns were printed in the Lerner Times, which had an adventurous, successful Editor at the helm. Laurie had a very loyal following, because she was talented and she knew her readers. However, my first piece in this period was written for my local newspaper, the Skokie Life.
It started when I went to the local White Hen for my usual lunch of a turkey sandwich and a big fountain Coke. During my purchase, Joe (one of the Managers) told me the White Hen was switching from fountain Coke products to fountain Pepsi products.
As a staunch Coke drinker, this deeply saddened me. (Okay, it enraged me.) I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Skokie Life, the late Don Alexander, a likable curmudgeon.

It was a bit long for a letter, but Alexander ran it as a 'Guest Column'. My "writing" career was back on track, although it wouldn't "flourish" until I started appearing in Laurie's Lerner Times.
More on that in future posts.
My Guest Column from the Lerner Life-November 14, 2002.


Anonymous said...

I well remember how John knew all of the best places for fountain soft drinks. There is a definite art to setting the mixture for water, syrup and CO2 -- and far too many outlets muck it up.

Johngy said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you were one of the first I knew who shared my belief in the intricacies of making a good fountain Coke.
You were also the first to publish a piece by me at Lerner.