Friday, February 27, 2009

Phoenix in Chicago

Jennifer Widerstrom was a track and field star at the University of Kansas. She excelled in the hammer throw. Phoenix is a star on American Gladiators. She excels in hammering contestants.
Everyone knows my fascination with the American Gladiators goes back to the days of Zap, Nitro and Gemini. Sure some of the events were a bit hokey and the announcers a bit over the top (remember Todd Christensen?), but I still watched it every week. Even now, when I come across it on ESPN Classic, I end up watching the rest of the show.
I met Phoenix at the Wizard World convention. Fortunately, she did not have any pugil sticks, so I was safe.
Even without any weapons, she still looked like she could put a hurtin' on most people. Wisely, I did not annoy her.
I didn't get much time to talk to Phoenix, because she was quite busy. Apparently I am not the only fan of American Gladiators. I also did not get the chance to compare biceps (I probably would have lost anyway).
Jennifer Widerstom and me in Rosemont, IL-Summer 2008.

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