Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hacksaw Jim Connects with Laurie

In an earlier post, I wrote about Laurie meeting Hacksaw Jim Duggan. During that convention, Laurie and Duggan crossed paths several times. One of the most interesting times occurred during his match with Kamala the Ugandan Giant, but there were other Duggan-Laurie moments, too.
Previous to the actual match, during one of the autograph sessions, we approached Duggan. He signed my photo and looked up at Laurie and let out a big "Aaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyeee", followed by "now that's my kind of fan".
During his match, they had a couple more moments. An excellent photog, Laurie made it her mission to get great pictures for me all weekend. To my surprise (although I shouldn't have been surprised), this also included her walking to ringside during the actual matches and joining the professional photogs. Unlike the others, Laurie dug in and almost joined the action a few times. Once, she was in the middle of a skirmish between Sir Oliver Humperdink and Bobby Heenan.
Another time, she was positioned near the corner outside of the ring. Duggan (with the U.S. flag) was outside of the ring doing his trademark walk-stomp. In another surreal moment, their eyes met and Duggan gave her the big "thumb's up" to snap the great action shot below. Laurie was the only photog to nab this particular shot.Later in the match, Laurie returned to our seats, but her connection with Duggan remained intact. At one point, Duggan stood in the corner of the ring on the 2nd rope and looked into the audience. His eyes caught Laurie's and he gave her another thumb's up. If anyone else said this, I would say they were dreaming, but I saw it very clearly.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Laurie. Who would have thought? Yet, it all makes perfect sense. I still get a kick out of hearing her talk in glowing terms about Duggan.
After returning home, I scoured the online community and found some pictures others took of the Wrestling Reunion. Among the more interesting pictures was one that included Laurie. While Mike Rotunda grappled with Ron Bass in the ring, Laurie can be seen in the lower left corner capturing the moment.

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