Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Love My Coke

After my local White Hen eliminated Coke products from their fountain beverage selections, I was angry, not to mention thirsty. I had a nice routine of getting a turkey sandwich and a fountain Coke for lunch most of the time. I'd maybe get another fountain Coke later in the day.
Most of my friends question my (sanity and) allegiance to fountain Cokes. I staunchly maintain the Coke is the best beverage and fountain Coke is the best option. Most of my friends eventually agree that fountain beverages do taste better. Eventually, they realize that not all fountain Cokes are created equal.
I was espousing this theory to Laurie when she suggested I write a column about my search for the best fountain Coke in my area. Some people might say that was her way to get me to shut up (and they might be partially correct), but Laurie would never use her newspaper like that. She legitimately thought it would make an interesting column.

I was excited and I worked very hard to make it a good column. I was willing to drink as many fountain Cokes as necessary to ensure the column was credible.
Writing for Laurie was always interesting. She is a tough Editor and I loved the challenge and the synergy. Laurie has a knack for making any piece so much better without ever losing the voice and feel of the author. I have to say I was ecstatic with the outcome and a few of her readers even voiced their pleasure with it, too!
A copy of the Coke column now hangs in Rex's Italian Foods in Norridge (IL). I giggle silently every time I see it there and I know it wouldn't be there without Laurie (much like this blog). I had no writing career (just a long dormant interest in writing). Now, whatever writing I do really does stem back to those columns Laurie encouraged me to write.
My Coke Guest Column from the Lerner Times-January 1, 2003.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Laurie encouraged you to write since every time I read one of your blogs you can tell how much you enjoy writing. You just put that something extra into it that makes you want to read the whole article (or blog). Keep writing!!
The Parkers

Drew Grosman said...

I agree - fountain Coca-Cola is the best.

But I believe the best fountain Coke comes from McDonald's.

Johngy said...

I waffle on McDonald's. I always liked Wendy's better, but lately have liked McDonald's more. BK is definitely last of the big 3.
Thanks for the interesting link.
Also, very enjoyable site you have.

Nancy said...

I know how much you enjoy writing and I am also glad Laurie encouraged you to write. I do enjoy reading your blogs.