Sunday, March 1, 2009

RIP:Norm Van Lier & Johnny Kerr

A few months ago, I posted about meeting Chicago Bulls legend Norm Van Lier. Sadly, today I am posting about his passing.
Van Lier was unique. He was old school, yet very hip. He was flashy and colorful, yet he was ferocious on the court. Van Lier was a real treat to meet and I am glad I had the chance a few years ago.
I remember Van Lier as one of the anchors on the Bulls of the 70's. After retiring Van Lier coached briefly at Mt. Carmel High School before becoming a media personality on several different radio and tv shows. Van Lier always was direct and always was entertaining.
Unfortunately, the Bulls organization experienced another death Thursday. Johnny 'Red' Kerr, the original coach of the Bulls and their long-time broadcaster passed away.
I never met Kerr, although he did sign some cards through the mail for me. Everyone who has met Kerr, has great tales to tell. He spanned 5 decades with the team and multiple generations with the fans.

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