Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spotlight on Cards:More Double Vision

About a week ago, I wrote about Topps letting me down by producing 2 cards of Oakland Raiders WR Mike Siani 2 years apart using the same picture. Siani wasn't the only victim of Topps' laziness.
In 1974, Topps produced their first card of Bob Klein, a tight end with the Los Angeles Rams. The next year, Klein's card had a new photo, which was pretty cool, featuring eye black. Unfortunately, in 1976, Topps was back to their duplicitous ways.
Klein's 1976 card featured the same picture as his 1974 card. Well, there was one difference and an annoying one at that. The picture was flipped. Because the shot is shoulders up, one would never know one picture was flipped. Nothing seems opposite. However, when looking at them side by side, it is obvious.
1974 & 1976 Bob Klein Topps cards.

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