Friday, March 27, 2009

Torrie Wilson (oh and Billy Kidman, Too)

Torrie Wilson made her wrestling debut in 1999 in the WCW. In 2001, when the WWF (now WWE) bought the WCW, Wilson joined them.
Wilson's tenure in the WWF was marked by silly storylines, usually having her as the arm-candy of a male wrestler (presumably to increase his crowd appeal). Wilson never was allowed to develop any real depth to her character or in-ring ability.
During most of this time, she was dating or married to wrestler Billy Kidman. Kidman was usually a midcard wrestler at best (occasionally winning the Cruiserweight Championship or a Tag-team championship).
I first met the pair in the hotel bar while at the Brian Pillman Memorial Show. Wilson was quiet but very friendly, like most of the wrestlers there. Kidman, on the other hand, was a jerk. He ignored most people, rudely refusing to take pictures or sign autographs.
I understand that everyone is allowed a bad day, especially since this was his own time. However, the next day at the actual event, he wasn't much better. The thought was that he wasn't happy that Wilson was outshining him and his actions did little to convince me otherwise.
In 2007, the couple divorced and Wilson refused to say much about their split. She did maintain that the decision was final and there would be no reconciliation.
After leaving the WWE (with little fanfare), Kidman has mostly wrestled overseas. Last I heard, he was wrestling in an Australian organization.
Wilson is now retired from wrestling. It's just another example of a talented woman not given a real chance and then leaving wrestling (pushed out?) at the magical age of 30+. I could be wrong, but it all seems too coincidental.

Torrie Wilson, Billy Kidman and me in Cincinnati, OH-May 2000.

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