Saturday, April 11, 2009

Global Traveler, Fran Gallagher and 5 Years

In February, Global Traveler (the monthly magazine for the business traveler) turned 5 years old. However, before there was a Global Traveler magazine, there was Fran Gallagher.
Several years back, when Fran made the decision to launch his own magazine, he would call me and pick my brain about circulation ideas and questions. Eventually he asked if I wanted to handle the national distribution.
I had years of experience in distribution, but this was a much larger project than I had ever handled. I knew I would need help and who better than my coworker and longtime friend Louie Atsaves?!
The next time Fran came to Chicago, we set up a dinner meeting to finalize things and for Fran and Louie to officially meet. Over a long and fun-filled dinner and a few drinks, we outlined everything and hoped for success.
Fast forward 5 years and GT has succeeded and grown beyond our expectations. The once skeleton staff has doubled in size. The multi-coast 5 year anniversary parties speak of GT's success. It's been a great 5 years.
The GT family in Times Square in NY, NY-March 2009.


Dave Blais said...

Cool pic of the GT group in NYC. Wgere was that at? Awsome background for a group pic!


Johngy said...

It was taken at the Renaissance Times Square.
Can you tell which 2 people were photoshopped in?

Anonymous said...

I cannot. If it was it was done very good.

Johngy said...

Hint:1 male, 1 female.
Hint:Not me, not Lou.