Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big Kevin Nash

Before wrestling, Kevin Nash was a good basketball player for the University of Tennessee, helping them reach the Sweet 16 once. Nash briefly played pro ball in Europe, but a torn ACL ended his career.
He eventually found his way into pro wrestling. He has bounced from WCW to WWF to WCW to WWE to TNA, always finding himself at the top of the card. He has enjoyed great success (winning 18 titles).
He was a founding member of the NWO, a groundbreaking group (and angle). Unfortunately, this soured as it was overplayed and became repetitive. Currently, he is a member of the Main Event Mafia, a stable of wrestlers in TNA.
When I met Nash for the first time at the Pillman Memorial Show, he appeared to be a bit 'woozy'. Maybe the wrestlers had a big night out the previous evening.
I have met Nash several times since then and he has always been very friendly. He is open and honest about his career and wrestling in general.
Kevin Nash and me in Cincinnati, OH-May 2000.

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