Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mike Squires:Blue Jay Way

My recent post on my top 5 favorite Mike Squires baseball cards included an 'Honorable Mention' for a local issue card of Squires from his time as a coach with the Toronto Blue Jays. A few people commented or emailed that they never knew those cards existed. Of course, as a big fan of Squires, I believe I have every Squires card produced.
A few seasons after Squires retired, he joined the coaching staff of the Blue Jays. As a result, he appeared on their multi-sponsored, local-issued cards for 3 years, 1989-91.
I like these cards, yet they don't have the classic baseball card look to them. They are very clean looking though. I don't particularly care for the 1990 card of Squires. It is an interesting shot, as you don't see many dugout shots, but it is a bit of a goofy shot. I like the '89 or '91 cards much better.
The Toronto Blue Jays local issue cards of White Sox legend Mike Squires.

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