Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?

Yesterday, I wrote about my article on Chicago which ran in Global Traveler magazine in May of 2008. My big coup was getting Mayor Richard M. Daley for an interview.
Acting as a professional writer, I had to ask him legitimate questions on the state of the O'Hare expansion project and blah blah blah. Those questions worked well in the article, but it was Question #5 which is the focal point here.
I knew I might never have another chance to ask questions of Mayor Daley, so I threw one in there for fun. I asked, "If the Chicago Cubs faced the Chicago White Sox in the World Series, who would you support?"
Would anyone like to take a guess as to his answer? How about Steve (at White Sox Cards) or Steve (at Wait 'Til Next Year)?
Every Chicagoan knows that Mayor Daley is a lifelong Sox fan. However, as the leader of this city, would Daley pick a side or would he go the political route?
I was mildly surprised at his answer.

Having both Chicago teams in the World Series would be a great event for Chicago, not just the sports scene. I would be happy to see both teams reach the ultimate game and would gladly congratulate either as baseball's champion. However, everyone knows that I am a White Sox fan and would be cheering for them to win.
I thought it was a pretty good answer. It was politically correct, yet still revealed his feelings. I was very happy that he was willing (and good natured enough) to answer the question.
Unfortunately, the Editor at Global Traveler cut this question from my piece. It was one of just a handful of edits she made, but I still think it was a bad decision. I stand by my choice that this was an interesting question. Even in the world of global travel and international business, there is still interest in Mayor Daley's thoughts on an intra-city World Series!


Steve said...

Daley has always been a "true" politician but deep down I think (or hoping) he would root for the Cubs to win for economic and historical reasons. I think your editor should have kept the question in also.

Laurie said...

Btw, even I knew hizzoner is a Sox fan -- his roots dug deep in Bridgeport.
But I like you tried fooling us with the pics!

White Sox Cards said...

Why am I not surprised by his answer? It sounds like such a Daley answer.

Johngy said...

A year later and I am still miffed that the question was bumped. The Publisher says that makes me a real writer (ie griping about edits).
I was just happy to be able to nab Daley. In the 5 years of GT, I would say he might be the biggest fish landed (he is at least in the top 5).

Louise said...

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Johngy said...

Great site. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is early, but the Cubs should have enough to take their division at least.