Saturday, May 16, 2009

Henry Cotto is in Demand

Henry Cotto was a member of the Chicago Cubs 1984 National League East division champions. That accomplishment has earned Cotto a permanent place on the memorabilia circuit. Cotto is desired by Cubs collectors and specifically the 1984 team collectors.
The '84 division title might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but it was their first 1st place finish since 1945. The city was insane. When the Cubs lost to the San Diego Padres and did not advance as expected to the 1984 World Series, the city was in shock. Fortunately, the '85 Bears revived us.
Anyway, Cotto's 1984 season was his rookie year and his only year with the Cubs. He went on to play with the Yankees, Mariners and Marlins, retiring after the 1993 season.
When I met Cotto at AU Sports, I kidded him about him always having a spot on the autograph cicruit. I don't think he even realized it yet. Then last week, at AU Sports, I was talking to a collector who said he was only missing 2 players from the '84 Cubs...Porfi Altamirano and Henry Cotto. Like I said, there will always be a demand for Henry Cotto and every other 1984 member of the Cubs.
Henry Cotto and me at AU Sports in Skokie, IL-late 1990's.

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