Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Honky Tonk Man, Jay Leno and Johngy

My favorite story from the 2009 Motor City Comic Con involves the Honky Tonk Man, a pro wrestler. It shouldn't surprise anyone that a colorful character like HTM would be part of a lasting memory.
As I approached HTM, he immediately exclaimed that I look like Jay Leno (a statement I have heard many times before). He even repeated it to one of the MCCC staffers for confirmation.
I let the air out of HTM's balloon when I told him that I heard that quite often. Disappointed, he stated that he thought he would be the first. I deflated him further by stating that I had just heard it from the parking attendant, too.
I did try to soothe his feelings by stating that he was the biggest celebrity to make the comparison. I told him that he was bigger than Terri Runnels, who was the previous biggest celebrity. (I had forgotten that actor Patrick Warburton had also made the connection.)
That got a big laugh out of HTM, who took it all with good humor. He even signed my photo in a unique way.
Later in the day, I ran into HTM again and he joked that he was still upset that he wasn't the first. I reminded him that he was the biggest. Then he feigned anger at Runnels for beating him to it.
For the rest of the convention, HTM would call out 'Jay Leno' every time I walked by his table. Thanks Honky Tonk, for giving me a funny memory and story to tell.
Honky Tonk Man and me (note the personalization) in Novi, MI-May 2009.


Evil Zebra said...

If Honky says you are JAY LENO...

Then it must be TRUE!!

Funny Story!!!!

Take it,

Johngy said...

Who am I to argue with HTM?

Thanks for stopping by and I love your signature!