Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Interview with Randy Denton

Randy Denton played basketball at Duke University. He was drafted by the Boston Celtics of the NBA and selected by the Memphis Pros of the ABA. Denton chose the Pros and started his pro career.
In the crazy world of the ABA, Denton went from Memphis to Carolina, back to Memphis, over to Utah, then to St. Louis. When the ABA was folding, the New York Knicks selected Denton, but traded him to the Atlanta Hawks, where Denton finished his pro career.
When I was a kid, I collected sports cards like everyone else. In the pre-internet days, these cards were one of the few connections we had with the players. Pro basketball was barely even televised in those days.
Denton was one of my first favorite players. I followed his career through his basketball cards and the box scores in the newspapers. I never had the chance to see Denton play, but I hope to eventually see some game tape somewhere.
Years ago, I sent Denton some cards asking him to sign a couple. I offered him more if he wanted them for his own purposes. He agreed and I sent him a small bunch of his cards. To my surprise and delight, Denton searched me out and left a very nice message on my answering machine thanking me.
Now years later, I am in a position to conduct some interviews with my childhood favorites. I contacted Denton and he graciously agreed. I called him Wednesday evening and Denton answered my questions during the 10 minute interview.
We didn't discuss world affairs. We just talked about fun stuff. This was a real blast for me. Talking to these players who were my cardboard idols some 30+ years ago brings back great memories. To sports fans out there, Randy Denton is a class act, a real true gentleman. To Randy Denton (if you ever read this), thank you so much for the memories, the autographs and most of all, your kindness.
Former pro basketball player Randy Denton.


MMayes said...

Nice interview, John. I enjoyed listening to it. When I started going back and making sets of the ABA days, I ran across Randy and loved the White Guy Afto. Then, despite the fact that I was at Duke at the time, I never realized he'd played at Duke (albeit in the days when you could study for finals at Cameron).

Johngy said...

Randy is such a nice guy. Years ago, after I sent him a few cards to keep, he looked me up to personally call and thank me. Not many players take that much effort!