Friday, May 1, 2009

Total Nonstop Action at 2007 Motor City Comic Con

One of the fun parts of the Motor City Comic Con is the fans. Many fans will dress as their favorite Superhero or sci-fi character for the costume contest (and some probably just for fun). Previously, I wrote about meeting Aquaman, my favorite Superhero. In 2007, Total NonStop Action wrestlers Gail Kim and Christy Hemme were pretty excited about meeting 'Wonder Woman'.
Much like my meeting with Aquaman, the fact that it wasn't really Wonder Woman did not stop Hemme or Kim from wanting a picture taken with the Amazon Princess. The fan paying the part was no woman, but he did make me wonder. Actually, this fan was one of the most photographed people at the show.

Hemme and Kim are very good wrestlers, who pride themselves on actually being able to
wrestle. They also have done acting and Hemme has her own band (HEMME). Both were very fan-friendly.
For me, it was just fun to see Hemme and Kim eagerly call Wonder WoMAN over to pose for a picture. It isn't often that a celeb wants a picture with an attendee.
Gail Kim, Wonder WoMAN and Christy Hemme at Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI-May 2007.

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