Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Richard Kline Questions Larry Dallas's Success

Larry Dallas certainly got a lot of chicks. Or did he?
When I was talking to Richard Kline at the 2009 Motor City Comic Con, a fan asked him who got more chicks, Larry or Jack. This was a reference to the 70's tv show Three's Company.
Kline flashed a bit of a wry smile and asked the fan if he really thought Larry got any women. The fans didn't seem to get the joke and repeated his question. Kline simplified his answer a bit and stated that he really didn't think Larry got many women.
It was especially interesting to heard Kline's answer and wording. Usually, such questions would get (joking) macho answers. Kline chose a different route, which was even funnier. I also noted that he said 'women' instead of 'chicks'. It is all subtle stuff, but I think it shows Kline is a quick and funny guy who is respectful.
I really enjoyed my chat with Kline. I came away with a little new-found appreciation for the veteran actor-comic.

Richard Kline and me in Novi, MI-May 2009.

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Wynonelle said...

Hey I'm a chick; I'd do Larry.