Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Rick Stelmaszek Saga:Part 10

In the Rick Stelmaszek Saga:Part 9, I noted that Stelmaszek's career was better than his 2 1970 cardmates. Today, I am going to compare him to his 1973 Topps cardmates.
Sergio Robles was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1968. Robles was traded to the Baltimore Orioles in 1971 (as part of the big Frank Robinson deal). Robles got 2 hits in 21 AB's in 16 games over 2 seasons with the Orioles.
Baltimore sold Robles to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1975 and they sold him to the Dodgers in 1976. Robles never played for the Cardinals, but made it into 6 games (going 0-3) for the Dodgers. His major league career ends there, but he did play 19 seasons in Mexico.
All told, Robles hit .095, going 2 for 21. He had no HR's, RBI's or R. He did walk 3 times in his career.
George Pena started in the Los Angeles Angels organization in 1963. By 1973, Pena was 29 and with his 6th organization, the Cleveland Indians. He would seem to be an odd choice for Topps. Still, he hit about .250 in the minors with a little pop in his bat, but he never made i to the majors, retiring after the 1975 season (2 teams removed from the Indians).
Much like for the 1970 card, Stelmaszek is once again King of his card. Stelmaszek played parts of 3 seasons, collecting 10 hits in 88 AB's (including a couple big hits off of future Hall of Famers). Of course, currently he is in his 29th year as a bullpen coach with the Twins.
The book value of this card is $5. If you are into autographs, Stelmaszek is very good, but I have no idea about Robles or Pena.
Rick Stelmaszek's 1973 Topps Rookie card.

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