Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seasons in the Sun

Dave Perham was my boss for my first 8 years at Lerner Newspapers. Perham also was our pitcher for a couple seasons.
Perham was a decent pitcher, but I think the losing got to him. He suggested we switch positions (him to 2nd base and me to pitcher). This seemed to work out very well for both of us. I really enjoyed pitching and I was even pretty good at times. I knew our team was bad and I knew we would lose a lot, but I accepted that.
Perham was more of a graceful athlete than me and he handled 2nd base solidly. He also seemed to have more fun and be more relaxed, as the pressure of pitching was off his back.
The picture below is one of my favorite action shots of our team. Look at the picture. Really look at it.

Okay, here are some specifics. Perham (as I stated) was our 2nd baseman. Chris Connole (from last week's piece) was our 1st baseperson. The ball is in shallow right field, yet they are chasing it. Our right fielder is nowhere in sight.
Look how much outfield grass is visible and our right fielder is not even in the picture. Even if it is a funky angle and it is closer to the infield than it appears, you would at least think the right fielder would be in the picture.
Perhaps this says something about our defense. Don't blame me...I was pitching. Scenes like this are probably what drove Perham to 2nd base.
Chris Connole and Dave Perham at Laramie Park in Skokie, IL-Summer 1994.

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