Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bob Sirott Salutes Literacy

Bob Sirott grew up in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago (right in the heart of Lerner Newspapers territory). I grew up listening to Sirott on WLS radio and later watched him on the various morning tv shows that he hosted. Sirott is a big fan of the Chicago Cubs and a long-time softball player.
Sirott is a local guy who succeeded but stayed pretty much local. He has worked for CBS, WMAQ, WGN, WTTW and Fox in Chicago. How has he missed ABC? He has been successful everwhere he has worked.
I was happy to land Sirott for the NIE ad series.
He was a perfect fit. Sirott is Chicago. He knew Lerner Newspapers and the readers definitely knew him. His career spanned generations, from the parents who listened to him play songs in the '70's to younger fans who watched him on tv for many years.
Later, I also managed to get his wife, Marianne Murciano (also a veteran of the Chicago airwaves) to appear in the series. If the series had still continued, I am sure I would have sought Judd Sirott, Bob's nephew and a local sports announcer.

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Laurie said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see this here!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cool, cool program you started. I loved Sirott, too and I love the care people put into their quotes. Bravo.
Can't wait to see next one!!!!