Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bob Uecker Comments on Fran Gallagher

A couple weeks ago, I was at Miller Park to see a game and do some interviews. When I saw the legendary Bob Uecker, I had to get him.
You might recall from a 'Friendly Encounters' a while back that Fran Gallagher (Publisher of Global Traveler magazine) golfed with Uecker a few months ago. I had to take this opportunity to discuss Gallagher with Uecker.
Uecker's answer was a classic. Uecker is one funny guy. Then again, so is Gallagher. I can't imagine being in a golfing foursome with the two of them.
My chat with Mr. Baseball about Mr. Travel can be found here. Be sure to check out all of my 'fascinating' interviews on my YouTube channel.
Bob Uecker and me in Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI-July 2009.

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