Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seasons in the Sun

Jason Farber was a bit of a Mark DeRosa on the softball team. Farber played some outfield and some infield.
Farber was a good player, but on one particular day, he was smoking! No, really, he was literally smoking. Fortunately, Farber gave up the habit a few years ago, but at the time, it was not unusual for him to smoke in the dugout area when he wasn't on the field. I am not sure who came up with the idea for him to bat while actually smoking (it might have been me), but I know I certainly pushed him to do it (not that he needed much pushing).
Farber calmly walked to the batting box and went into his stance, with a cigarette perched in his mouth. The ump was confused, but quickly called time out and asked Farber to rid himself of the cigarette. The ump took it all in good fun though.
At the time of this event, Farber was a youngster at Lerner Newspapers. Despite his cigarette habit, he still beat me in sprints across the softball field (although I joked that I knew I could beat him in anything over a mile).
Jason Farber (was smoking) in Skokie, IL-Mid-1990's.

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