Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hey Wait, That's Pete Mackanin

A couple weeks ago, I featured my interview with Scott Eyre of the Philadelphia Phillies. I like Eyre and I am always happy and grateful to get an interview with any player, but something happened about halfway through the interview which caused me a bit of angst. I know at least 331 people have seen the video on YouTube, but I doubt anyone will guess what caused my moment of grief.
Maybe these pictures will tell the story...In the first picture, on the far right side, you see the arm of someone entering the dugout. The second picture clearly shows that person passing between Eyre and me. The third picture shows Eyre and me alone, finishing the interview.
I am not bothered that the person walked between us, because it is tight in the dugout. I am bothered that it was Pete Mackanin, a coach with the Phillies and an early childhood favorite of mine.
Mackanin is a native Chicagoan and grad of Brother Rice High School. He played 9 seasons in the majors. Like fellow Chicagoan Rick Stelmaszek, Mackanin was drafted by the Washington Senators (Texas Rangers). They were teammates on the Rangers in 1973. Mackanin had brief managing stints in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and also in the Chicago Cubs minor league system.
This could best be described as the ultimate interviewer's dilemma. (Or maybe should I stay or should I go?)
Obviously, I couldn't stop talking to Eyre to grab Mackanin. Still, it was tough letting one of my childhood favorites just walk by. I guess you know what this means.
I'll be back and I'll be looking for you Mackanin!

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