Friday, August 28, 2009

Lucky Leyla Milani

She is Leyla Milani or Leyla Razzaghi or Lucky Leyla or simply #13. It is the #13 that put her on millions of tv screens across the country.
Milani had previously modeled and was a finalist in the 2005 WWE Diva search. (With the way things turn out for WWE Divas, she is probably lucky that she didn't win!) She has been the model holding case #13 since the first episode of tv's Deal or No Deal.
When I met Milani in NY, she did not have her usual amount of fans waiting for her. I think it was because her trademark hair was darker than usual and people did not recognize her. The other theory was that she was surrounded by women of wrestling and many people assumed she was just another wrestler.
Milani commented that she liked the color of my shirt (Johngy the fashionista?). I asked her about holding the traditionally unlucky #13 case and she told me that she has actually held the million dollar case more times than most. Maybe 13 is lucky.
Leyla Milani and me in New York, NY-June 2009.

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