Friday, August 21, 2009

Mia St. John Wanted to KO Johngy

At the age of 29, Mia St. John became a professional boxer. After 9 years in the ring, St. John won the IFBA Lightweight title. A couple months later, she won the OBA Continental Lightweight title. Through April of '09, she had a record of 45-10-2.
St. John has ventured into martial arts, broadcasting, charitable work and other endeavors. She is also enjoying the celebrity convention circuit.
I wouldn't want to meet her in the ring, but at the conventions she is friendly, sometimes almost shy about her celebrity status. She went along with my photog Chuck's joke about punching me. She was a lot of fun! I am a sucker for a championship belt (and hers actually matched my shirt).
Mia St. John and me in New York, NY-June 2009.

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