Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seasons in the Sun

The softball team for Lerner was always a bit off kilter. Maybe that is why I love the picture below. No, I did not alter the picture to have it angled. The photographer did that little artistic touch all by himself. Why? Who knows, but somehow it does seem fitting.
In the back row are Johngy, Cincy Dzien, Chrissy Connole.  In the middle row are Cindy Amadio, Lizzy Sette and Donna Ebert.  In the front row are Mike, Andy, Jason Farber and Darryl Corter.
An early incarnation of Lerner softball in Skokie, IL-Early 90's.


Bitchin' Kate said...

Who are the others? BTW, nice mulletts.

Johngy said...

Back row:me, Cindy Dzien, Chris Leander Connole
Middle row:Cindy Amadio, Lizzy Sette, Donna Ebert
Front row:Mike ?, Andy ?, Jason Farber, Darryl Corter