Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bear Down Sunday #1

The 2009 NFL season starts today. A new era also starts for the Chicago Bears today. Nobody knows how the season will play out, but the Bears have their best quarterback of my lifetime. While I look forward to this season and the future, I am going to highlight one of the all-time greats in sports history, Walter Payton, who gave me so many memories as I grew up watching him.
Of course, I am biased, but Sweetness was the greatest. He did it all and often with bad teams. He broke the all-time rushing record. He also threw for touchdowns on his first 7 completions. He even took a few snaps at QB during one game.
Payton was a joker, a hero, a worker, a star. Chicago cried when he died far too young. Some of his records have since been broken, but his memory and legacy will never disappear.
At the convention when I met his widow Connie, she
was representing the Walter Payton Foundation. It was funny and fitting, that among all of the former stars appearing, Connie had one of the longest lines and she wasn't technically a celebrity guest. People just wanted to meet her and to thank her. She took her time and really connected with everyone.
Connie Payton and me in Rosemont, IL- March 2009.


Steve said...

While Walter is "Sweetness", Connie is the "Sweetest"; kind, professional and genuine. Made her acquaintance several times up in Arl Hts at fundraisers, a true wife, mom and partner of a superstar. Chicago will always be grateful for the Paytons (on and off the field)!

Johngy said...

Well said.