Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bear Down Sunday #3

The Chicago Bears beat the Super Bowl Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, to bring their record to 1-1. Today, the Bears face the Seattle Seahawks and I am featuring Rex Tucker, who played for the Bears and the Seahawks (and the Detroit Lions, too).
Tucker was a big guard who played for parts of 5 seasons with the Bears. Tucker never really established himself in the NFL. He lasted 7 seasons, but was never really a full-time player. He was a 3rd round draft pick, but didn't live up to 3rd round standards.
I met Tucker at AU Sports in Skokie (IL). He was very quiet, although friendly. As a young, non-starting guard, he probably didn't have many great stories to tell yet.
What I remember most were his big, beefy hands. Much like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Tucker's hands were like cans of ham.
Rex Tucker and me in Skokie, IL-early 00's.

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