Friday, September 25, 2009

Elvira:Mistress of the Darkness

I met Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson at a Hollywood Collectors Show in Rosemont (IL) a few years ago. Elvira is a "Halloween icon and quintessential symbol of all things spooky", according to her website. I don't disagree.
When I met her, she had the usual array of photos from which to choose. She had photos of her without makeup (as in simply Cassandra Peterson) and several of her as Elvira. I chose one of the Elvira picks.
Then she kind of surprised me by mumbling that the guys always go for those perv pictures. I didn't go for a perv picture. I went for one of her in her most famous role (did she even have other substantial roles?). The picture I chose was probably the tamest of the Elvira shots.
I asked why she put out the Elvira pictures if she was so offended by the perverted men buying them. She said that people can buy whatever they want, but it just strikes her that the men buy those shots. I decided that I really didn't want one afterall.
Okay, first of all, aside from Elvira, can anyone name one role Peterson has had? Oh yea, Ms. Peterson, can I have that 8x10 from you in Happy Days, when your role was "girl". When I get athletes to sign 8x10's, they are usually in uniforms. Having an 8x10 of Peyton Manning in jeans and a polo shirt isn't that cool.
Second, if men buying these photos bothers her so much, why does she have them out? Take a stand, Ms. Peterson. I have seen actresses refuse to sign certain pictures (nudes, topless, etc). Stand by your beliefs, even if it means your line will disappear.
Third, better yet, if this is so offensive, why do you continue to do the character? Leave Elvira behind and see what beefy roles Cassandra Peterson can get.
I've said it before...if the star doesn't like being there, just don't do it. If the star is in a bad mood, let it go for the 4 or so hours when you are meeting your fans (aka the people who are paying you).
Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson and me in Rosemont, IL-early 00's.


White Sox Cards said...

Personally, I loved her turn as the Biker Mama in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, but one look at her long list of credits and the Elvira character appears in most of them.

Johngy said...

She was good in that role. She's good as Elvira. I don't see much of her work, but I have never heard people complain that she is "mailing it in" these days. I just found it silly and insulting for her to say what she said. Now, if she was really joking, it would have been different, but she wasn't.