Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Original MC Hammer

A while ago, I wrote a piece about meeting Stanley Burrell in his pre-MC Hammer days. I have also written about a great old friend, Tom Skalski. I was with Tom, when I met Burrell. Tom read that piece and reminded me of an obvious point that I completely missed.
Back when we were at Mt. Carmel High School, Tom was nicknamed 'The Hammer'. This would be before Burrell started using the Hammer moniker.
Could it be mere coincidence? Burrell meets us at a baseball game. He hears that the Hammer is going to Mt. Carmel (aka MC). Then, just a short time later, Burrell starts calling himself MC Hammer.
I think it is a clearcut case of Moniker Infringement. Clearly, Tom Skalski is the original MC Hammer! I think Skalski has a case against Burrell. I was witness to the whole series of events unfolding. I even have old Geometry books with Skalski's trademark Hammer drawn (in his attempts to get me to crack up in Mr. Gorches' class). The proof is all there.

Tom, if you need me buddy...I am there!
Tom "MC Hammer" Skalski (left-ish with wristbands) in Mt. Carmel gym in Chicago, IL-Spring 1983.


Greg said...

HEY! That is me under the boards. #37. Greg

Johngy said...

Yes, everyone...#37 is indeed my old friend Greg Nessinger. Maybe if we are lucky, Ness will guest write a piece here someday.