Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stormin' Gorman Thomas

Stormin' Gorman Thomas. That name invokes memories of a feared slugger!
For about a 6 season run, Thomas was one of the most dangerous sluggers in baseball, leading the Brewers to the 1982 World Series. For some World Series starved Chicago fans, we lived vicariously through the Brewers!
When I was at Miller Park, I wasn't looking for Thomas. I had no idea he was even there that night. I just happened to look over and I saw and recognized him immediately.
He was engaged in several conversations (one of which I documented here with one of my favorite pictures). Time was running out, as I learned he had to go to his autograph station, but I would not be denied.
I waited and waited and jumped in as Thomas started to head to his area. This was a thrill for me. Thomas was probably one of my first mancrushes (boy crush?).

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