Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bear Down Sunday #6

The Chicago Bears are 3-2 after a Sunday night loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Today, the Bears face the Cincinnati Bengals, who stand at 4-2. Last I heard, my old friends Tom Skalski and Ed Mann would be attending this game (although not together).
Speaking of Tom, back in the old days, one of our mutual favorites was linebacker Bill Bergey of the Philadelphia Eagles. Bergey spent the first 5 years (out of 12) of his career with the Cincinnati Bengals. Tom probably blocks out the Be
ngals years, much like he would block out Franco Harris's time with the Seahawks.
Anyway, when I met Bergey at the Ultimate Collectors Show, I mentioned how Tom would have loved to meet him. Bergey laughed and thanked me (us) for remembering him, despite him not being a flashy star. I told him that we always loved the true tough guys like him and he laughed some more.
It was cool meeting Bergey and I am sure Tom would have loved to talk a bit of football with him as well.
Bill Bergey and me in Oaks, PA-October 2009.

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