Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here Come the Hawks, the Mighty Blackhawks

Has hockey slid that far off of my radar? When did the NHL season start? I just found out the Hawks are 2-2 with 5 points. Does this speak of my interest? Is it the general coverage of the NHL?
I grew up loving the Hawks. Those players from the 70's will always be my favorites (as I have written here several times).
I thought the Hawks were regaining the love of Chicago. Maybe I just missed the coverage, but I do listen a fair amount of time to WSCR (sports radio).
While I am trying to catch up on the state of the current Hawks, I will highlight one of my old favorite Hawks. I met Ivan Boldirev at AU Sports.
My fellow blogger KC (of the newly renamed Hockey Freaks.ca) might try to claim Boldirev as a Flame, but he will always be a Hawk to me. Well, since yesterday was Thanksgiving in Canada, maybe we can share Boldirev. (Fans of the Red Wings should not take this as a sign that we will allow you to claim him as a Wing!).
Anyway, when I met Boldirev, I got the same wave of warm nostalgia that I always get when meeting the Hawks of my youth. I thanked him for the effort on some bad teams. I told him how his was one of my first hockey cards (still have it). He looked great and seemed happy to be surrounded by fans of yesteryear.
Ivan Boldirev and me in Niles, IL-Summer 2009.

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